Hotels in gary indiana

The Hotels in gary indiana remind me Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a 2014 film written, directed and co-produced by Wes Anderson, inspired by the works of Stefan Zweig.

The film was selected as the opening film of the 64th edition of the International Film Festival in Berlin, winning the Grand Jury Prize.

In our time a girl goes to deposit the hotel key in which presumably works on the monument to the author of the famous novel writer Grand Hotel Budapest. Un’analessi shows the writer in a documentary dating back to 1985 in which he tells of how he came to write his masterpiece. With a new flashback we are catapulted in 1968 when in the mountains of the imaginary Republic of Zubrowka (Eastern Europe) is the Grand Budapest Hotel, a hotel a very prestigious time and now decayed. Here the writer makes the acquaintance of the master of the Grand Budapest, an old man named Zero Moustafa. These invites him to dinner with a promise to tell her the hotel experience before becoming owner.

Through another flashback, the story moves to the year 1932 we find the Grand Budapest in full splendor frequented by decadent European nobility. The concierge is Monsieur Gustave H., a middle-aged man eccentric, proud, refined and lover of poetry, and who entertains a multitude of relations with various customers (all much older than him), that does not exclude emotional aspects (and sexual ). One of these, the rich Madame D., after staying at the hotel and about to leave, reveals Monsieur Gustave to have a premonition that will not live long enough to see him back, but he does not give her a straight. A few days after starting the Grand Budapest, the woman is found dead in a room of his villa.

Monsieur Gustave part time with Zero Moustafa (very young and assumed as “lobby boy”, porter) for the house of the old lady. He discovers that the woman in his will left him the masterpiece Boy with apple Johannes Van Hoytl the Younger, which raises the anger of his son Dmitri and aunts who craved. Gustave and Zero, taking advantage of the confusion generatasi after the reading of the will, detach the picture from the wall, replace it with an obscene painting by Schiele and, after wrapping esserselo made by the butler (who puts you a letter on the back, without the two if noticing), share toward the hotel.

A few days later the butler home D., Serge X, disappears mysteriously, and the police began to suppose that might be involved in the death of Madame D. Meanwhile Zero knows Agatha, a young pastry with a birthmark in the shape of Mexico on the cheek, and the two fall in love. Zero then entrusts the girl a piece of paper with directions on how to find the boy with apple, meanwhile hidden by Monsieur Gustave in the hotel safe. The situation worsened when the police arrest Monsieur Gustave, believing him guilty of the murder of Madame D., incarcerandolo pending trial.

Monsieur Gustave, thanks to the help given to him by Zero and Agatha, manages to escape with some prisoners and with the help of an apprentice reaches a monastery of an Alpine resort to speak with Serge X (nascostosi there since followed by Jopling, a hit man Dmitri). The man reveals himself to Monsieur Gustave Madame D. before dying had drafted a second witness, destroyed but that only he had kept a copy, but before you can trust the place where rediscover the killer strangles him. Monsieur Gustave and Zero Jopling chase to catch him, even though at first this seems to have the better of the two. Just when Jopling is going to kill Monsieur Gustave, Zero takes action by finishing the hitman finally into a ravine.

The two come back in disguise to Grand Budapest meanwhile occupied by military troops (who remember the Nazis), in Agatha company, after the three have planned to flee abroad with the painting until the waters had calmed down. Agatha takes the picture, but, discovery, is chased by Dmitri and police. The girl in the fight falls from the balcony, but is saved by clinging to a gutter: a piece of wrapping paper around the framework tears and Agatha notices a bag tucked into the frame at the rear. The paper reveals the second testament of Madame D .: It leaves everything (the house, the money, and factories) to Monsieur Gustave and disinherited Dmitri and aunts. Later Zero and Agatha are married and the boy, as promised at the time of evasion daring, become the successor of Monsieur Gustave.

It returns to the dinner: Zero reveals the writer that the hotel, as forfeited to the times of Communism, it holds only in memory of Agatha (who died of the disease after two years of marriage) and for the good old days with Monsieur Gustave (shot during the war). The Boy with apple lies, from the beginning of the film, hanging in front of the hotel, next to the room keys.